Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All Along the Colorado Trail...

In recent years, I've moved a lot.  Let me give you a run-down:
  • August 2004: Gwinner to Jamestown for my freshman year of college.
  • May 2005: Jamestown to Gwinner to work at Bobcat.
  • August 2005: Back to Jamestown for sophomore year.
  • May 2006: Back to Gwinner for summer #2 at Bobcat.
  • August 2006: To Jamestown for junior year.
  • May 2007: To Medora to work for the summer (plus a carload of stuff to home first!)
  • August 2007: Back to Jamestown for my last year of college (or so I thought)
  • May 2008: Summer #2 in Medora
  • October 2008: Back to Jamestown for a year to live with Tab
  • April 2009: Back to Medora for summer #3
  • August 2009: To Boulder, CO for freshman year #2
  • December 2009: From Boulder to Broomfield after I was kicked out of my apartment
  • May 2010: Back to Medora for summer #4.
That's 13 times since August of 2004.  That's an average of 2.6 times per year.

Now, one would think that with all of my practice at packing and moving that I would be good at it.  I'm not.  I'm pretty bad at it, actually.  More than one carload is too much stuff, and I have about 2 carloads worth.  Thank goodness Kenny and I decided to rent a storage unit to get us through the summer.

What I have improved at is knowing where I put stuff away when I unpack.  When it comes time to re-pack, I know exactly where everything is.  And I know exactly which box everything is in, because it's been in and out of the same box multiple times throughout the past years.  But the problem remains that it's just too much.

When I pack, I like to take my time.  I'll pack a box, then sit down and write for a while.  Then I'll pack a box and eat supper.  Then I'll pack a box and call some friends.  It's a process.  A time-consuming one, but it helps me keep my sanity.  And even though I hate it, there are good things about packing. It's a chance to reorganize things and to get rid of the stuff you just haven't used in forever.  And it means you're going somewhere, which is always exciting.

Usually, when I'm moving to Medora, I'm nothing but excited.  Medora is like a second, maybe even first home for me, as my trailer house is the place I've lived longest in recent years.  This year, I'm very excited, and there's lots of hype surrounding this summer in Medora, but it's also a little bittersweet to be leaving.

CO is quickly turning into a home for me. I'm really comfortable here, and am settling into routines.  I'd like to stay to experience summer on the Front Range.  I'm leaving my boyfriend, and will likely never see him again.  There are lots of things that I'm really going to miss, in no particular order:
  • The mountains.  I see them every day on my commute, and they are so, so, so beautiful.  Really.  It's worth a trip through CO just to see the mountains.  I get sad on foggy days when I can't see them.  They're gorgeous.
  • Chipotle.  I know this is silly, but there isn't one in the whole state of ND.  Especially not in Medora.
  • Recitals.  I'm in the habit of seeing about a recital a week around here, and that really isn't an option in Medora.
  • Recycling.  No one recycles in Medora, even though we really, really should.  Especially the bars.  Maybe I'll work on that this summer.
  • King Soopers.  King Soopers is my favoritest grocery store ever.  I love having a King Soopers card.
  • Kenny.  Because he's Kenny.
  • Slacker and Steve.  When I don't get to listen to Slacker and Steve on the radio, my life is incomplete for a day.  This is going to be a whole summer.  I'm going to have to stream them online.  Seriously, people, they are hilarious.  Thanks to Kenny to introducing me to Alice 105.9.
  • The hot, Hot, HOT sun.  My hypothesis is that we're closer to it here, so the heat of the sun is really a lot warmer than it is at home.  Even on chilly days, the sun is hot.
  • Of course, all of my friends.  Although I don't want to miss anyone so I'm not naming names.
  • The folks at the Center of the American West.  They rock.  All of them.
  • Voice lessons.  I love singing.  And learning how to sing.  I need to find time to do that this summer.
  • Traffic.  I love driving in traffic.
Okay, that's probably not everything that I'll miss, but it's a significant portion.  I leave this wonderful place on Sunday, so wish me safe travels.
And don't worry, the blog will continue in Medora, although the content may not be quite as exciting.