Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Whoops"

Before I write this blog, I must tell you that it may offend some people.  It may even offend some of my close friends.  And I'm a bit hesitant to write about this subject, but it's something that I feel strongly about, am grateful for, and talk frequently about, so I think it's okay.  Please keep in mind that this is purely my opinion, and I may be completely wrong. 

I also must admit that the quote is taken out of context purely for my purposes.

And now,
The Quote of the Day:

"We had a couple of whoops."
-Sargent County Deputy Derek Toepke

Sargent County recently hired a new deputy.  Yay!!(?) I've never had any run-ins with a deputy in Sargent County, and don't even have any idea who the police-people are around there anymore, so really, it means little to nothing to me.  Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Toepke and their assortment of animals, which includes six rat terriers, are looking for a house in the country.  Makes sense, considering their brood also consists of horses and a goat. 

Yes, folks, that's right.  Six rat terriers.  Why six, you ask?  Because they "had a couple of whoops."  I would say "whoops" is an understatement.  I might even call it irresponsible (and this is where I'm going to get into trouble).  Had those been children, they would have been in some serious trouble.  But because dogs are like children, I can extrapolate to discuss people having babies.

I do not have children, and having children is not in my 5-, 10- or 100- year plans.  Everyone tells me that that will change, but I'm not so sure.  Don't get me wrong, because I think that kids are great, and I love playing with them, teaching them, laughing at and with them, and learning from them.  But living with them, changing their diapers, trying to put up with them when they make really stupid decisions, and listening to them whine and complain are things that I really don't want to have to deal with.  Ever.  Basically, I like kids when I can give them back to who they belong when they start doing things I don't like.  Maybe that makes me weak, or a chicken, or whatever.  I don't really care.  Like I said, this is about my opinion.

Putting my lack of desire to reproduce aside, there are other reasons why I should not have children right now.  First of all, I'm not married, which is an ideal requirement (in my opinion) for child-bearing, although there are non-married couples that may as well meet that requirement.  So let's suffice to say that I'm not in a serious relationship, and having kids outside of a serious relationship without commitment is a bad idea, no matter who you are.  Secondly, I can barely take care of myself financially , and kids are expensive.  Think of the medical bills, the diapers, the extra food, the crib, the clothes, etc., etc., etc.  Thirdly, I can hardly take care of myself in general, let alone take care of someone else.  I don't get enough sleep, I drink (sometimes too much) alcohol, I ate saltine crackers for lunch 4 days last week.  How could I take care of someone else, who has no choice but to rely on me?  I would fail. 

Please, don't take me as completely cold-hearted toward the idea of either myself or someone else having children.  But there is a right time to do it, and for me and many people who I know that have had children, this is not the right time.  Most are good parents, and having children has probably helped them grow as people, forced them to become adults, and taught them life lessons.  For some people, having children at a young age is an okay, maybe even a good thing.  But not for me.  Like I said earlier, I'm grateful for not having kids, because it means I can do as I please.

Maybe I'm just selfish, and would rather do what I want to do than have to worry about a small child, but I feel like that's the beauty of being at my age.  I don't really have anyone to answer to, and no one really relies on me in the way that children rely on their parents.  If I have a "whoops," it may not ruin some little dude's life. 

 In my opinion, my parents did an excellent job of raising me. (No, Mom and Dad, I'm not just writing that because you read this.)  I look at some of my peers and wonder, "What were their parents thinking?"  And I look at many parents today, and think to myself, "Holy shit.  Figure your life out, because you're ruining your child's life by not disciplining them.  Ever.  No, it is not okay for your child to _____, so don't let them do it."  There are exceptions, and I do know a few of them personally, but you all know what I mean.

If I ever do have children, my friends and I have decided that I will be the mean mom who everyone hates, because if my kid hits someone, I'll hit them back.  Harder.  And if they throw hissy fits, I won't coddle them until they stop.  I'll yell back at them.  Louder.  

All in all, the point is to be responsible.  Be smart, and if you aren't ready to have children, whether it's because you aren't financially stable, or you aren't in a committed relationship, or you want to do your own thing for a while, then don't put yourself in a situation that could result in a "whoops."  And if you just want kids, remember that sometimes what you want isn't what you need.  Think of the (potential) child first, and if you aren't ready, don't do it.  It's a long road.  We don't need any "whoops."

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  1. Keep writing Cookster. I'm not offended!! PS: Are you STOKED for Wicked cuz you SHOULD be... :)